Provider Referrals

About Our Phone Coaching Program

Michigan Tobacco Quitline services are provided by National Jewish Health® and administered by the Michigan Department of Community Health. Research shows that smokers who use Quitline services are more likely to successfully quit than smokers who try to quit on their own. Since 2002, this telephone-based cessation program has been offering services tailored to individual smoker’s needs. Trained coaches work closely with individuals to develop coping skills to quit tobacco use and remain tobacco-free. The program consists of a bilingual Quitline Call Center; proactive, positive coaching sessions; the web-based for 24/7 support; provision of nicotine replacement therapy products to eligible participants; printed materials; and a comprehensive quality assurance program.

Learn more about the QuitLine and Quitlogix programs.

Refer a Patient

ASK every patient at each encounter about tobacco use and document status.

ADVISE every tobacco user to quit with a clear, strong personalized message about the benefits of quitting.

REFER patients who are ready to quit tobacco within the next 30 days to the Michigan Quitline.

If a participant has any of the following contraindications to using NRT we recommend you to print, sign and fax in the Fax Referral form. Contraindications: heart disease or conditions, uncontrolled high blood pressure, stroke or heart attack in the last 12 months, pregnant or breast feeding.

For patients with contraindications,
please print and sign the fax referral.
Patients that do NOT have contraindications, please complete the Provider Web Referral.